Spa Stuff

Antonella Forte

Set some time aside every week and dedicate it to self-care. My favorite way to self-care is to make a little spa day for myself. You don't need much for at home pamerbering. Here are my essentials, first gotta have a candle that makes you feel fancy. For me, I love this scent from Lumbre Soledad called champagne and maryjane. Then, to make my bod soft like a cloud I use this body serum from necessarie. I put the serum on before applying body lotion, it is a match made in heaven, your skin will love you. Lastly, I like to make sure I have a cute hair clip to keep my hair out of my face while I have my mud mask on. A cute hair clip, adds to the experience, don't ever underestimate the small details in life. 

Self-care, self-love, how every you decide how to do it, make it a habit. Make it a ritual.  

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