Three products you need for KILLER lashes

Antonella Forte


Lashes, lashes, lashes. I freaking love eyelashes! Here are three products that I love to make my lashes look like spider legs (in a good way).

First, I use a lash primer by Lash Food . This product has little fibers that help add length to the lashes.

Then use your favorite mascara. My favorite mascara is by Fenty Beauty it adds volume and length.

Lastly, add lashes. I prefer using corner lashes they are way easier to apply, they look more natural, and are comfortable. You can cut a set of full lashes in half and use the outer corners of the lashes only. Or you can buy them, I like the corner lashes by Ardell 

These three products will for sure up your lash game and make all the boy and girls, come runnin'. 

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